How to manage (change) slideshow content in osCommerce ?

1. Choose slideshow image which you want to be changed. 
2. Right click on it and click Open Image. 
3. Save the file where you want. 
4. In adress bar there's image link located. We need to go there and re-upload your new image. 
5. We know that this file is located in 'images' folder and it's name is 'slide_2.jpg'. 
6. Go to 
7. Enter username and password and click Log in. 
8. Use file manager. 
9. Check Web Root if it's not checked and then click Go. 
10. It will be opened in new tab. 
11. Search for directory. 
12. Now we have to find file called 'slide_2.jpg'. It's really located there. 
13. Fold your browser now. 
14. NOTE: Your old image and new image need to have exactly the same dimensions. In our case you can see that both have 944x264. Name should be same as well. 
16. After you've modified slideshow image unfold your browser. 
18. Click Upload. 
19. Before you choose new image, Check 'Overwrite existing files'. 
20. Now choose your new new image. 
21. Thats it. Your new image should appear.
To make things more clear view tutorial below.