How to create product and upload it on your osCommerce template?

We'll show you how to add new product on your osCommerce template.
1. At first go to 
2. Use your username and password to login. 
3. Once you're logged in click catalog and then categories/products.
4. Choose the category that you've created. After that, use right arrow to Add/View/Edit/Remove products in your category. 
5. Click new product button to start adding new product. 
6. First field represents till when your product is available; Then follow the fields: Enter product description in your languages that you've chosen; Choose product manufacturer; Then your products name in your selected languages; 
Next step is product price; Then enter the quantity of products in your store/shop; Your product's model comes afterwards. 
7. Next thing is choosing your image. Only use JPG format image; Next enter product weight.
8. When you're done click Save. 
9. Your product should be added.
Please view video tutorial below to make these operations clear.